Starting Back to School Prep

Concerned About Getting Preschool Off to a Good Start? Here’s How For kids of all ages, starting school is a big deal. Even older students who have been through the new-school-year drill many times get excited and anxious when go-back time comes around.   While there are many variations on the back-to-school theme, this discussion focuses … Continued

Summer Activities Outdoors with Kids

13 Wonderful Weeks of Summer. 13 Outdoor Activities for Kids. Carefree hours of warmth and sunshine. Colorful flowers all around. Ice cream cones in favorite flavors. The three months of summer are ideal for kids to be outside, away from big doors and small rooms and constant electronics. In fact, childhood experts recommend that between … Continued

Creating Paper Towel Art

They’re the most mundane of household staples. Yet in the hands of enthusiastic preschoolers, paper towels are transformed into colorful works of art. The process is simple, the materials minimal, and projects can be easily adjusted to match the ages and skills of the kids. The results are sure to delight your budding artists and … Continued

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Winter & Year-Round

Seek, Find, Play – That’s the Magic of Scavenger Hunts Shhh … don’t tell the kids they’re learning. Because they think they’re just having fun. Which scavenger hunts are, of course. But the activity is also a valuable teaching tool. Why Scavenger Hunts Are Good for Preschoolers The scavenger hunt format is simple: You prepare … Continued

Snowed In? 9 Crafts to Have Fun Indoors

Snow days are exciting days for both adults and kids alike––no work or school! But harsh weather conditions can make it difficult for kids to get outside and play. Since weather conditions do not permit you to get out on the road for the day, you have to find ways to stay entertained indoors. For … Continued

8 Thanksgiving Crafts to Celebrate Turkey Day

Now that Halloween has officially kicked off the holiday season, it’s time to start planning for Turkey Day. While you’ve got the cooking taken care of (no burnt side dishes, right?) Your kids can take care of the decoration aspect for your guests or just do something to stay occupied while you brave the kitchen. … Continued