Kindergarten Enrichment

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Our Kindergarten Enrichment Program

We’re proud to offer various kindergarten programs in the morning and afternoon. We carefully plan our lessons to match the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards. Our students get a solid and well-rounded learning experience.

We work closely with local school districts to ensure our students succeed in school. This teamwork makes the move from kindergarten to first grade easier for your child. We work to spot issues early so your child’s schooling is smooth, rewarding, and fun.

Our educational program, based on the key rules of Pennsylvania’s Early Learning Standards, offers broad and detailed subjects for kindergarten. These subjects cover not just school but all key parts of a child’s growth.

An essential part of our program is encouraging creativity and art. We get students to express themselves through art in different activities and tasks. This helps grow their imagination and creative thinking.

We also focus a lot on social and emotional growth. Getting along with others and handling emotions are essential skills for young children. Our curriculum has special activities to help these skills grow, ensuring our students can handle social situations well.

Early Learning Children’s Academy’s kindergarten enrichment programs provide a balanced educational experience, preparing our students for school success and personal growth.