Full-Day Kindergarten

This program is available at the following centers


Our Full-Day Kindergarten Program

Our PA Dept. of Ed. licensed full-day kindergarten program offers the small class sizes you would normally find in most private schools with the added benefits of a full service childcare center. Our curriculum and learning environment follow the guidelines outlined in the Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood. Through active collaboration with local Pennsylvania school districts, we ensure that our full day kindergarten programs align both in the learning materials as well as the educational goals for each district, which will eventually receive our kindergarten graduates. Our ultimate goal is to prepare our kindergartners for the transition into first grade. As with all of our school programs, children in our kindergarten classes will continue to develop social skills and learn cooperation. Our kindergarten environment provides students with plenty of opportunities for large group, small group, and individualized learning. Research proves that educating the whole child ensures future academic success, and Early Learning Children’s Academy strives to meet that challenge in our kindergarten program.