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Fort Washington



Our Pre-K Program

Pre-K is your child’s last stop before kindergarten. At Early Learning Children’s Academy, we work hard to ensure your child is set up for success. Our goal is to support the child’s social, emotional, and academic growth, and prepare them for what is to come in kindergarten. The curriculum for our pre-k programs is based on interactive, hands-on activities, with positive reinforcement provided by the teachers. As in our preschool programs, the daily schedule for our pre-k programs include circle time, learning centers, and plenty of peer interaction to promote the development of a child’s essential social skills needed for future success in school. During our pre-k programs, we will introduce basic beginning reading and writing skills, including upper and lower case letters, left to right progression, word recognition, and beginning sounds. Our pre-k mathematics activities introduce number recognition and matching numerals to concrete objects, as well as developing the ability to effectively sort and classify objects by size and quantity.