I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your staff.  We had a meeting earlier today with Kennedy’s behavior therapist (Lindsey who usually comes to school) and I wanted to share some things she said about ELCA.

First was that she was super impressed with the teachers in Kennedy’s room (She thought the teacher’s name was Tanisha or Tasha but she couldn’t remember exactly).  The therapist said that of all the schools and locations she goes to, ELCA was one of the few where the teacher actually took the time to talk to her about the child and proactively asked for strategies that would assist with behavior in the classroom. Lindsey said that it is rare for a teacher to ask for strategies, especially at this age, unless the kid is a major problem – but Kennedy’s teacher seemed truly interested in hearing and learning.  She also said that on return trips, she not only saw that teacher implementing those strategies with Kennedy but also with other kids in the class.  She said that it showed that they were not just “babysitting”, but taking the time to teach and guide.  And that has shown in how much Kennedy has learned over the last year.

This means so much to us as a family to know that Kennedy is loved and supported at school as well as home.

Additionally, she praised the school overall for how clean everything is and all of the additional protocols that are in place.  I know this has been a challenging couple years and hearing that made me feel even better about sending Kennedy to ELCA.

So thank you and your staff so much for the care you’ve shown for our family – first Olivia and now Kennedy.  I loved hearing all this unprompted praise and wanted to make sure to pass it on so you and your staff know that your hard work is noticed.

Thank you again.