How to Teach Your Child to Love Giving

Have you ever asked yourself, “why isn’t my child generous to others?” If so, you aren’t alone, nor have you failed as a parent. These days, it seems like generosity is hard to come by––everyone is out for themselves––and no one is looking out for others. However, instead of blaming the world for the way […]

10 Ways to Help Your Child Make New Friends at a New School

How to Make Friends at Schoool - Early Learning Children's Academy

As adults, sometimes it’s difficult to understand how challenging it can be for your child to adjust to new changes like starting at a new school. There are many challenges a child can face, including making new friends. For most children, starting at a new school can be stressful. It’s very common for children and […]

4 Ways to Help Your Child Deal with Separation Anxiety

Child Separation Anxiety: A child hides under couch pillows.

Has it become more difficult to drop your child off at daycare or school? Some children will not experience separation anxiety. It is still very common for children to become upset and agitated when saying goodbye. This can be an unsettling experience for any parent. It’s important to remember that separation anxiety is very common […]