Springfield Toddler Day Care

Toddlers are fascinated by the world around them and are always excited to explore. At our Springfield toddler daycare center, we provide children with a safe space to interact with the outside world as well as other toddlers. You can rest easy knowing that your child is being taken care of in a warm and welcoming environment. They will definitely feel at home here.

We hope to help each toddler have positive social interactions and to prepare them for them for their eventual transition to school. Our policy for potty training is based on encouraging each child to use the potty. However, we never force a child if they are still not ready. We know every child develops at their own pace and will respect that. If you are planning to send your child to our preschool program, we will still accept them if they are yet to be fully potty trained.

Children attending our Springfield toddler daycare program will have the benefit of being with other children that are closest to them in age. This allows them to learn more effectively, and it allows us to give them the full care and attention that they need no matter how old they are. Depending on what age range your child falls into, they will be in either our young toddler daycare or our older toddler daycare.

Young Toddler Daycare: 13 months - 24 months

Older Toddler Daycare: 25 months - 36 months

You can give us a call during our working hours at (610) 338-0688 and we will happily help you by answering any questions that you may have about our Springfield toddler daycare program. You can also direct questions to us through our online contact form. To sign your child up for one of our programs, you can begin by filling out our enrollment forms.

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