Rising Sun Toddler Day Care in Philadelphia

At our Philadelphia toddler day care on Rising Sun Avenue we provide a safe space for parents to bring their curious young children. We give the children time to play and and explore in an environment that is welcoming and safe. They will feel right at home while you are gone. As they play, they will be under our supervision so that we can promote healthy social interactions between them and their peers.

We are grateful for every parent who allows us to be a part of their child’s life. We aim to set each toddler on a path towards lifelong learning. We will work with that child and their parents to make sure that we can carry out this cause to the best of our abilities. We understand that every child develops at their own rate and will always be aware that each toddler is unique. In regards to potty training we take the same approach. We will encourage each child to try as much as they are comfortable, but we will never force them if they aren’t ready. In addition to this, it is not required that your child be fully potty trained in order for them to move on to our preschool program.

We have two classrooms at our Philadelphia toddler day care; one for younger toddlers and one for older toddlers. By providing different spaces for different age groups, we are able to give each child the exact care and attention they deserve.

Young Toddler Day Care: 13 months - 24 months

Older Toddler Day Care: 25 months - 36 months

To ask us any questions you may have about our Rising Sun toddler day care, give us a call at (215) 742-9715 or send us a message through out contact form. To enroll your child, fill out the enrollment forms on our website.

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