Rising Sun Philadelphia Preschool

Our Rising Sun Philadelphia preschool is the perfect place for young children to grow and explore, all while preparing for their eventual transition into kindergarten and grade school. At Early Learning Children’s Academy, preschool children are given both the freedom to play and socialize with their peers, while also being provided the structure and routine they need to learn.

Each day begins with circle time where the children sit together and practice their listening skills as the teacher teaches topics like numbers, letters, and days of the week. The rest of the day revolves around a series of activities relating to the theme of the week. These activities take place in our different learning centers that each focus on a separate skill. Social skills are learned through dramatic play and block play, library time encourages interest in literacy, and art time cultivates creativity. Throughout all of our activities we hope to keep the children in our Philadelphia preschool program engaged and participating with their peers and teachers.

If you have any question about our Rising Sun Preschool, feel free to call us at (215) 742-9715 or contact us online. If you are ready to enroll your child, you can start the process by clicking the “learn more” button below to access the enrollment forms.

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