North Philadelphia Toddler Day Care

Our North Philadelphia toddler day care program is dedicated to supporting parents and their children with a fully staffed, full service day care center. We are always glad when a new toddler joins our program and do whatever we can to make them feel comfortable while their parents are away. Toddlers are often adventurous and curious as they begin to really explore the world around them. Our toddler day care serves as a safe place for them to do this while also promoting positive social behaviors as they play with their peers.

Our goal is to set your toddler on a path towards lifelong learning as they move onto preschool. We know that every child develops at their own rate and we do not require that children be fully potty trained before joining our preschool program, however we do encourage them to use the potty as much as they are comfortable with when at our day care.

Children learn best when they are around other children of the same age. Our North Philadelphia toddler day care provides two classrooms for two different age groups. Since children’s needs can vary so much within the early stages of their life, splitting toddlers into two age groups gives us the ability to provide the best possible care for each group.

Young Toddler Day Care: 13 months - 24 months

Older Toddler Day Care: 25 months - 36 months

If you have any questions about our North Philadelphia toddler daycare, please give us a call at (215) 291-9955, or send a message through our contact form, and we will gladly help. If you would like to begin the enrollment process right away, you can begin by filling out our enrollment forms.

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