North Philadelphia Preschool

Our North Philadelphia preschool is the perfect place for a young curious toddler to learn and explore before they move on to our pre-K program. Our program will also prepare children for a smooth transition into kindergarten and teach them many new skills. By moving through to our different learning centers, children will get to practice listening and social skills as well as getting to learn about the seasons, shapes, letters, and numbers. At our North Philadelphia preschool, each day will start by the children gathering together for circle. They will then move on to a number of different activities, often centering around a weekly theme. Some of these activities include block play, dramatic play, library time, and art time.

If you have any questions about our North Philadelphia preschool program, you can contact us online through our contact form, or call us at (215) 291-9955. If you’d like to being the enrollment process now, you can begin by filling out the enrollment forms on our website.

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