North Philadelphia Pre-K Programs

Any child nearing kindergarten age will be very well-served by the curriculum of our North Philadelphia pre-K program. If you want to give your child a solid foundation for learning, pre-K is the perfect option. Our program teaches children basic math and reading skills that will greatly benefit them when they encounter more advanced concepts in the coming years. Each child will learn to recognize number and letters as well as how to order groups of objects by quantity and/or size. They will also have plenty of time to engage in positive interactions with the other students to advance their social and emotional growth alongside their academic growth.

To learn more about what our North Philadelphia pre-K program can offer your child, give us a call at (215) 291-9955. We can also answer any questions sent to us via our contact form. To begin enrolling your child in one of our programs you can start by filling out our enrollment forms.

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