Fort Washington Preschool

If you have a child approaching preschool age who is curious and loves exploring, our Fort Washington preschool is the perfect place for them. Throughout the day at our preschool, children will be lead through enriching activities at each of our different learning centers. Each learning center will focus on developing different skills. Through block play, children will learn appropriate social skills. During circle time, they will practice listening skills and be introduced to numbers and letters. The activities in our art center will all relate to a theme that we choose for each week. The goal at our Fort Washington preschool is to keep each child actively engaged throughout the day and to teach them skills they will need as they move on to kindergarten.

To learn more about our Fort Washington preschool program, give us a call at (215) 643-0114. We can also answer any questions you have through the contact form on our site. If you are ready to enroll your child in one of our preschool classes, you can start the process by filling out our enrollment forms.

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