*It is important you keep your child home if they are sick

*Request that same parent/guardian does drop-off and pick-up daily (only one adult with each child)

*Adult must wear a cloth face covering during drop-off and pick-up

*Maintain physical distancing (6 feet) between adult and staff member

*Temperature check will be done outside the center or in a foyer where possible (threshold is 100.0; higher than 100 and child must return home); we have infrared thermometers at all centers, so no touching the skin is required to take the children's temperature

*Parents/Guardians are asked not to enter the center.  Teachers will escort children to their classrooms after greeting them at the front door and taking their temperature.

*Sign in/Sign out clipboard will be available at the front door, in most cases a staff member will be initialing the book

*Request no home toys be sent in.  Only send in necessary items for the day.

* Children’s hands will be washed immediately upon entering the building

*Hand sanitizer will be available for adults when needed


*Parents will remain in their car and the children will be escorted to you by a staff member upon your arrival.

*All children must be picked up by 5:30 pm.

Sick Policy:

*If a child presents with any illness symptoms, they will need to stay home.  This includes fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills or repeated shaking chills, new loss of taste of smell, rash and any other symptoms the CDC later determines should be cause for a child to remain home.  (This includes any siblings.)

*Response to a fever- a child needs to remain out 24-72 hours depending on additional symptoms

*If a child becomes ill while in our care, they will be isolated until a parent/guardian picks them up

*Child must be picked up within one hour of a parent or guardian being informed they have become ill

*All surfaces and areas the child was exposed to will be cleaned and disinfected immediately

Cloth Face Coverings:

*Staff will wear a cloth face covering at all times

*Adults should wear a cloth face covering during drop-off and pick-up in the event they leave their car

*Children ages 2+ will be required to wear face coverings


*Temperature check prior to entering center (again, threshold is 100.0)

*Wear a cloth face covering at all times

*Wash hands often (in addition to already established hand washing policies)

*Supervise children in washing hands, including older children

Cleaning and Disinfecting:

*Clean and disinfect frequently touched areas (doorknobs, counter tops, gates) throughout the day

*Clean and disinfect entire space after all children have been picked up


*Keep the same student groupings and staffing daily as is feasible.  Keep mixing of groupings to a very minimum.

*Any toys or other items that are mouthed by a child will go in a disinfection bin

*Approximately half of the toys in each classroom will be put aside, so as they are mouthed and put in the disinfection bin, they can be quickly replaced with clean toys

*Whenever a child’s or staff’s clothing is soiled with secretions or bodily fluids, clothing should be changed (Please provide two additional change of clothes in a sealed zip lock bag)

*Children’s cots/mats will be kept as far apart as classroom size allows and children rest head to toe where feasible

*At this time, we are to continue our outdoor time to allow children to have fresh air daily- will update if OCDEL changes their stance on this

*Parents and visitors are requested to not enter the building

*Fitness, Music and other extra activity classes will not be conducted at this time to limit the number of people entering the buildings

*No special needs support staff will be permitted to perform services at this time to limit the number of people entering the buildings


Response to a Confirmed Case of Covid-19:

*If a child or staff member is confirmed with a case of Covid-19, we will reach out to the local Department of Health for further instruction on next steps.  The duration of closures due to COVID-19 illness in child care programs may be dependent upon staffing levels, outbreak levels in the community and severity of illness in infected individuals.

* We have contracted with a cleaning/decontamination company for a thorough cleaning of the center should a positive case occur.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about the above guidelines.

Early Learning Children's Academy