Starting Back to School Prep

Concerned About Getting Preschool Off to a Good Start? Here’s How For kids of all ages, starting school is a big deal. Even older students who have been through the new-school-year drill many times get excited and anxious when go-back time comes around.   While there are many variations on the back-to-school theme, this discussion focuses … Continued

Summer Activities Outdoors with Kids

13 Wonderful Weeks of Summer. 13 Outdoor Activities for Kids. Carefree hours of warmth and sunshine. Colorful flowers all around. Ice cream cones in favorite flavors. The three months of summer are ideal for kids to be outside, away from big doors and small rooms and constant electronics. In fact, childhood experts recommend that between … Continued

Creating Paper Towel Art

They’re the most mundane of household staples. Yet in the hands of enthusiastic preschoolers, paper towels are transformed into colorful works of art. The process is simple, the materials minimal, and projects can be easily adjusted to match the ages and skills of the kids. The results are sure to delight your budding artists and … Continued

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Winter & Year-Round

Seek, Find, Play – That’s the Magic of Scavenger Hunts Shhh … don’t tell the kids they’re learning. Because they think they’re just having fun. Which scavenger hunts are, of course. But the activity is also a valuable teaching tool. Why Scavenger Hunts Are Good for Preschoolers The scavenger hunt format is simple: You prepare … Continued

5 Benefits of Taking Daily Walks With Your Child

With the increase in technology use for both children and adults, it can be hard to get outside or take a breather during the humdrum of everyday life. In addition to quality, outside playtime, it could be a great idea to introduce daily walks with your child. In this blog, we’re going to go over a few … Continued

These Back-to-School Tips Make School Exciting

As the final weeks of summer approach, you’re likely getting your children ready to return to class––and essentially, the classic school year routine. Long gone will be the time of sleeping in, lazy days, and outdoor hangs with neighborhood buddies. Instead, your child’s afternoons will be filled with homework and nightly prep for the rest of … Continued

How to Help Your Preschooler Handle Their Emotions

Preschoolers may look older than toddlers, but don’t be fooled by their expansive vocabulary and growing independence—they can still feel overwhelmed by strong emotions. Children’s brains grow rapidly and can’t always keep pace, so it’s important that you help your preschooler develop healthy ways to cope with their emotions when they seem overwhelming. In this … Continued

Benefits of Music on Childhood Development

As children learn and grow, they make discoveries about themselves and the world that surrounds them. Childhood is the most critical time for building the physical and mental foundations that will support us for the rest of our lives. As a parent of a small child, you should strive to provide the tools necessary to … Continued

How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior with Positive Reinforcement

In the event of a meltdown or bad behavior, rewarding your child might be the last thing on your mind. However, studies show that reward systems for kids are effective if you use them wisely. You can use positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviors, like sharing or following instructions or listening. You can also use … Continued