Day Care Reviews — Testimonials

A beautiful center with a wonderful learning environment, incredible teachers and a director who is as genuine, kind and caring as they come... what more could a parent want for their child? My son, Connor, loves it here and I couldn't be happier with his development!

ELCA Bensalem

My daughter has had such a wonderful experience at ELCA. She has made great friends and has had the best teachers who truly care about all of the kids, really get to know each family and understand every child's needs.

ELCA Buckingham

I love the staff and I even love the new location! We struggled at first, but I am glad to say that they made us feel right at home.

ELCA Philadelphia

On behalf of my family, I would like to express our sincerest thanks to Miss Diane, Miss Harrison, and all of the ELCA staff who have been there for us over the past five years. I remember Emily’s first day of daycare, right down to what both of us wore. I think I can recall that day so vividly because of how nervous I was to leave her. It wasn’t because she would know what was going on but because of how much it hurt to transition from my role as Emily’s mom to my role as a teacher and a working mom. Jumping forward five years and the addition of two more children to my family, I can look back on that day as the first of many days where I would transition between roles. I’ve found that having a place I felt safe sending my children made that daily transition much easier, for my children and for me. When I come at the end of the day to pick her up, I can usually find Emily playing with her friends, reading a book, or putting together a puzzle. I love watching this group of children as they play together. I said to Dawn and Diane that it’s like watching fish swim and Dawn quickly responded that sometimes it’s like watching Piranhas attack. Whether salmon or Piranhas, this group enjoys being together. I sincerely believe that Diane, Erica, Dawn, Sandy, Courtney, Alison, and Alicia have created a safe environment for them to learn, play, make mistakes, and ultimately to grow. We are only at the beginning of a long journey as we watch them go through grade school into middle school and eventually to high school and beyond. One thing I know at this point is that we are definitely off to a great start.

ELCA Buckingham

As a parent of two and as an educator, I cannot sing enough praise about the Early Learning Children's Academy in Buckingham.  I feel so grateful knowing that my children are being cared for by superior staff/caregivers.  I have often referred to my children's teachers as their "mom away from mom" because the level of care is absolutely exceptional.  They all truly go above and beyond the call of duty!  The Academy caters to all needs of children: encourages social emotional learning, provides a strong academic curriculum, and let's not forget it is a whole lot of fun as engaging activities are presented daily.  We are proud to be an ELCA family because ELCA has made us feel like family!  

ELCA Buckingham

As new parents, my husband and I were very hesitant to put our son in daycare, but the decision was unavoidable.  Prior to his first day, I was convinced that I was making a huge mistake.  Thankfully, I could not have been more wrong (or irrational)!  His teachers shower him with affection and keep me posted on the precious moments that happen throughout the day.  I actually look forward to seeing his teachers at morning drop-off.  Their fun and loving demeanor put my mind at ease and start my day off in a positive light.

ELCA Fort Washington

I just wanted to drop you a message to let  you know how much we love the facilities and staff at ELCA! The staff in my son’s room and all the staff members that come in to assist during the day are by far the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. The hardest part of becoming a full time working parent is trusting someone to take care of my son and it is without hesitation that my husband and I drop Benjamin off three days a week with your staff. It is evident how much the women love their jobs. I worked in day care for several months before accepting a teaching position in an elementary school. I know from my experience how difficult a job they have. They truly love those kids as if they were their own, and that is something that cannot be faked. It makes me cry just thinking about how much they have positively affected my life.  They alone make it possible for my husband and I to continue our careers and provide for our family. I had Benjamin on a waiting list at another center very far from my house just in case ELCA didn’t work out, but I happily took him off the waiting list because I would never think to leave ELCA. In addition, I cannot fail to mention your warm and knowledgeable director Ms. Nicola. She is always available to answer any of my questions or just give a friendly greeting.

ELCA Springfield

ELCA is an amazing place for kids and parents. Staff are very friendly and welcoming. My child is in the Toddler program, but all staff make it a point to get to know all children. My child has had an amazing first daycare experience. Every day is packed with academics, songs, and crafts. I felt very relieved and as ease sending my child to ELCA for daycare as a first time parent. I would recommend ELCA to all parents!

ELCA Bensalum

Our 3 ½ year old twins have been attending Early Learning Children’s Academy for over a year now.  We were extremely fortunate to have family watch the children until they turned two years old, but this also made the transition to a full-time daycare program much more difficult for us.  We researched and visited five local centers varying in size, cost, and structure.  ELCA was the 5th center we visited and the last because we instantly felt comfortable with the Director, Teri, the older toddlers program teacher, Miss Donna, and the center’s layout/security.  The other local centers were fine, but ECLA offered us more flexibility, a better classroom setup, and the comfort of knowing that there was a curriculum with structured play, without being too restrictive for the kids.

ELCA Bensalum

My granddaughter Rachel has been going here since she was 3 years old. She's now 9 years old and I always walk away with a sense of peace knowing that she will be taken care of. The teachers are like family and they have helped me by reminding me of different events that are going on knowing that my schedule is very busy and it's easy to forget! I cannot say enough about Teri and what a great job she does overseeing the facility. I would recommend Early Learning Children's Academy to any parent.

ELCA Bensalem

I moved my son Matthew to ELCA Buckingham when he was just 4 years old and in Pre-K. I moved him to ELCA for the structured learning. Little did I know how much he would learn and how many great friends he would make. Matthew was diagnosed with ADHD while in Pre-K and the staffs at ELCA were wonderful when I told them the news. They all helped him grow so much and helped him improve his focus more than I could have imagined. The work, love, and effort Miss Dawn, Miss Diane, Miss Courtney and Mrs. DeAngelis has put into helping my son and I will never be forgotten and is much appreciated. I never feel as if I am a single mother when I drop Matthew off at ELCA. They have made me feel that Matthew and I are their family as well. Thank you to all the staff at ELCA for the hard work you do for all of us!

ELCA Buckingham

Our first son started at ELCA at 7 weeks old until he was 2 1/2 when we moved, and we were very upset when a job change forced us to switch day cares.  The staff is caring and excellent - sending me text messages of daily activities some days, and encouraging him during arts and crafts.  Miss Nicola was always flexible with scheduling, and the once monthly "Parents Night Out" was very convenient.  On a few days a week while driving to our new day care, our son will mention Miss Tasha, Miss Liz, Miss Gabby, Miss Ronnette and all his friends at ELCA.

ELCA Springfield

I became a part of ELCA, 2 yrs ago~ I can not express how Much I as a parent appreciate the level of care my children receive here. We are co-parenting - my children spend much time with the staff and they are treated as nephews. If I said it was perfect then people wouldn't believe an actual parent wrote this~ yes, I have had issues arise, here and there~ but ELCA has always resolved any issues/concerns in a timely and professional manner~ which to me as a parent means a great deal. The childcare you have for your child(ren) should not add stress to your day~ it's suppose to relieve that stress/worry~ that is what ELCA does. Love you Staff~ a very grateful/appreciative mother!

ELCA North Philadelphia

My wife and I want to thank you and all the staff at ELCA for the caring environment and wonderful treatment and teaching you provided for our son. We have all watched him grow and have had a hand in his development. We consider ourselves quite fortunate and we are very grateful for all you have done. He loved it there with his very first teachers and ELCA extended family. We will try to stop back and visit and will certainly take advantage of the drop in when available.  Thank you again so much!

ELCA Springfield

I have to say I am very thankful and lucky that both my kids attend ELCA. Great teachers! Great atmosphere! Great leadership! Nicole B.


Letters are easy to write when the subject is compassion and professionalism of the staff at the Springfield, PA location. We particularly want to thank Ms. Nicola, Ms. Fatima, Ms. Liz and Ms. Ronnett for intervening when they saw a need with the service providers for my childrens' special needs and providing us with honest and insightful feedback regarding our childrens' needs and abilities. We thank you all for the academic, social and emotional programming, structure, routine and exposure you provided. All of it helped to build a strong school-readiness foundation for our two sons. Because of this guidance and tutelage, my children are knowledgeable students with skills that have placed them in the average and above average academic range. We are indebted to you for your commitment and willingness to work with social and emotional needs of our son who is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The attention to his needs, the modifications and accommodations that were provided within and beyond his IEP did not go unnoticed. Thank you for your honesty regarding the services and needs of our children. You kept the lines of communication open and were always transparent about all that takes place there. The work ethic of the staff speaks to leadership's expectation, support and accountability. We wish you all much success in the future. Please know that you will be forever remembered by our family.

ELCA Springfield

I want to let you know that your staff is so genuinely kind and thoughtful.  The first was Ms. Alysha handed me an extra diaper, just in case I needed one for the Dr.'s office. (This would of never happened at our old school).  It was so extremely thoughtful.  Then Ms. Courtney told me about Cameron's day before we left and how is adjusting.  She is so positive and energetic.  Then before I even left the building a teacher (I believe Ms. Jen) helped me out by taking Cameron's nap mat and saying she would lay it out to help dry the minky blanket.  (It somehow didn't dry completely in the dryer and still felt damp.)  Then she was going to bring it down to his room.  These things might seem little but they are huge for me!  Thank you.

ELCA Buckingham

I just wanted to say thank you for running such a great center!

ELCA Fort Washington

When my wife and I dropped our child off for his first day there we didn’t know what to expect.  We knew at 18 months our child had issues. He was nonverbal, didn’t acknowledge people and had other quirky behavior.  At 2 it was confirmed he was diagnosed with autism. Even though he was very smart, every Dr or therapist that saw him couldn’t put their finger on what was going on with him.  After he started therapy he had some progress.  It was suggested to us to enroll him into a school a few days a week to see what happens. We met with you and you guys welcomed him with open arms.  We could’ve  sent him to a place where the state pays, but we chose your school.  The first day I walked in and met with you I knew it was the right place for him.  He has thrived there.  A complete 180.  He talks, asks questions, participates, loves his teacher and loves the students.  Kim is AWESOME!!!!!!  She’s turned a kid diagnosed with autism to a normal 3 year old who is now potty trained and just one of the gang.  I can’t thank you, your staff and Kim enough.  I will forever be indebted to you.  Thank you so much.

I can’t thank you, your staff and Kim enough.

Our daughter has been going here since about May, and before that she was babysat by a stay at home mother, who didn't seem to really click well with her. When we would drop her off at the woman's house, our daughter would begin screaming immediately and we would receive multiple complaint texts about our daughter almost daily. Here at the Early Learning Children's Academy in Springfield it couldn't be anymore of the opposite. Our daughter is happy and eager to be dropped off, literally running down the halls and doesn't even turn around sometimes to watch us go. She has learned so much in such a short amount of time, giving all the credit in the world to her wonderful teachers, Tracey and Victoria, who seem to genuinely love the children they interact with them, and it shows with how well our daughter is learning and quickly advancing. Gwen's day consists of tons of learning activities and we are constantly impressed when she suddenly does something she has been learning at the the Academy at home. We get a daily sheet with how she ate, and how many times she went to the bathroom, but it also has what she learned that day and what actives they did which has become something my wife and I look forward to reading everyday, and talking to her about it. We are always greeted with a warm smile from every staff member and I am constantly surprised how everyone there seems to know my daughter's name. We have nothing but positive things to say and recommend the Early Learning Children's Academy to anyone in the area!  Fingers crossed your child will end up in Tracey and Victoria's class as well!

We have nothing but positive things to say and recommend the Early Learning Children’s Academy to anyone in the area!

My son's first day at ELCA was right after he turned 2, and today is his last day of preschool at 4!  All of the teachers know him, and greet him in the morning! He loves the attention too!  He has learned so much from this place and l'm sad that we are saying goodbye! Thank you ELCA for teaching my son and caring about, and for my son!

Thank you ELCA for teaching my son and caring about, and for my son!

Our daughter started at ELCA about a month after her 1st birthday.  Since she started in April, my husband and I have seen such an improvement with her social skills.  Our daughter is simply blossoming in her classroom and we all adore her teachers. When we pick her up, we feel like she is genuinely loved - such a great feeling for a new-ish Momma.  In the mornings she can't wait to get her shoes on and go to "school" to see her friends. Highly recommend!

When we pick her up, we feel like she is genuinely loved

Today, Shane and Wes walked through the doors of Early Learning Children’s Academy for the last time and it was truly bittersweet. We’ve grown to love the staff who have cared for our children for more than 2 years now. They are the reason our children flourished! We will miss the school, staff and other children terribly, but all good things must come to an end. On Wednesday, after nearly 7 months, the boys return to elementary school. We have no idea what is in store for the extremely unpredictable future, but ECLA will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you for your flexibility. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your wisdom. And thank you for loving and caring for our boys.

ECLA will always hold a special place in our hearts

I had a good chuckle yesterday... I asked my daughter who put her hair in pigtails. She said, "Mommy." I said, "Me? I didn't do it; wasn't me." She said, "Other mommy" and I said, "Oh it must have been your teacher!" It was funny and cute. She is going to miss you so much! I sent her to ELCA 100% because of meeting you when I came to see the infant room two years ago. You made me feel so comfortable and have been so wonderful to her all this time. She is so lucky she has had you as a caretaker every day. I am so grateful, no one will ever compare!!

I am so grateful, no one will ever compare!!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your staff.  We had a meeting earlier today with Kennedy's behavior therapist (Lindsey who usually comes to school) and I wanted to share some things she said about ELCA.
First was that she was super impressed with the teachers in Kennedy's room (She thought the teacher's name was Tanisha or Tasha but she couldn't remember exactly).  The therapist said that of all the schools and locations she goes to, ELCA was one of the few where the teacher actually took the time to talk to her about the child and proactively asked for strategies that would assist with behavior in the classroom. Lindsey said that it is rare for a teacher to ask for strategies, especially at this age, unless the kid is a major problem - but Kennedy's teacher seemed truly interested in hearing and learning.  She also said that on return trips, she not only saw that teacher implementing those strategies with Kennedy but also with other kids in the class.  She said that it showed that they were not just "babysitting", but taking the time to teach and guide.  And that has shown in how much Kennedy has learned over the last year.
This means so much to us as a family to know that Kennedy is loved and supported at school as well as home.
Additionally, she praised the school overall for how clean everything is and all of the additional protocols that are in place.  I know this has been a challenging couple years and hearing that made me feel even better about sending Kennedy to ELCA.
So thank you and your staff so much for the care you've shown for our family - first Olivia and now Kennedy.  I loved hearing all this unprompted praise and wanted to make sure to pass it on so you and your staff know that your hard work is noticed.
Thank you again.

Thank you and your staff so much for the care you’ve shown for our family

I was super nervous when my baby first started here a few months ago, because he had only been home with family. Never did I imagine the love and village was just the same here as home. They treat EVERY kid as if its their own. I am so happy to drop my son off knowing he is in good hands. From the wonderful staff at the front door, to the teachers who show nothing but patience with my baby boy. THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL YOU DO DAILY!

Alisha Rice

I changed jobs and we moved to Doylestown from the Philadelphia suburbs. I was nervous about finding a new daycare for my 9 month old, and feel so fortunate to have found ELCA-Buckingham! The teachers have decades of experience and care so much about their job and kids. It's impressive. The center is also very transparent with excellent communication. We actually started with ELCA right smack in the middle of the Omicron surge, and the director handled the difficult situation smoothly and professionally. My daughter used to get sick from her prior daycare all the time, but at ELCA I believe she's gone the longest stretch without illness, only to be broken by a possible cold from Dad! We feel that our daughter is in excellent care, and would definitely recommend ELCA!

Parent (Anonymous)

My son was in the pre-k class and absolutely loved it! The teacher Miss Diane has been there for a long time and is so loved by all. My son learned so much and had an amazing time there with new friends. This place comes highly recommended by other moms locally and now I see why!

Buckingham Parent (Anonymous)