Rising Sun Summer Camp in Philadelphia

Sending your child to a summer camp can result in one of the most fun times of their life. The summer camp at our Rising Sun location in Philadelphia is no exception. We have a number of activities and events planned that will give your child a summer vacation that they’ll remember for years. Plenty of outdoor fun will be had on hot days when we break out the sprinklers and water tables for kids to play with. We also organize field trips to places like parks, museums, and baseball games. Many of our activities are based around our weekly themes. All of this and more will culminate in an unforgettable summer camp experience that is sure to break up the everyday routine that they are used to at school.

For more information about our Summer Camp on Rising Sun Avenue in Philadelphia call us at (215) 742-9715 or ask a question through our contact form. When you are ready to get your child signed up in our program, you can begin by filling out our enrollment forms.

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