Rising Sun Infant Day Care in Philadelphia

Our Philadelphia Infant day care center on Rising Sun Avenue is a friendly and welcoming environment to parents and children alike. We can start watching infants from six weeks old onward. We work very closely with the parents and guardians of each child to make sure that we are aware of any special needs that your infant may have. It is also our goal to build a strong level of trust through our meetings with parents.

In addition to closely watching and caring for your infant, we are also able to provide them with sensory and motor experiences that will keep them happy. These experiences are also important for their growth and development. Gross motor movements happen as infants begin moving their arms and legs more which will eventually lead to their first steps. Infants also enjoy the sensory experiences of colors, new shapes, and different sights. We are glad to provide them with a safe space to have these experiences as they grow and are cared for.

To learn more about our Rising Sun infant day care in Philadelphia call us at (215) 742-9715. You can also send any question you have to us through our contact form and we will be happy to assist you. To get started with the enrollment process, you can begin by filling out the enrollment forms on our website.

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